Microsoft Zune HD

Got myself a 32Gb Microsoft Zune HD recently. (For those of you who don’t have friends or relatives in the US, eat your hearts out; you can only buy this there.) Pretty nifty touchscreen MP3 player, radio and internet gadget. Yea, it plays games too. The touchscreen interface is awesome and can rival the Apple iPhone/iTouch. Sounds about par with the iPod/iTouch – this means you have to buy a good pair of earphones and donate away the el cheapo earphones that come with it. I had a pair of these Bang & Olufsen: it is the prefect iPod companion, and that the biblical truth. (Hotdammit, I lost mine (bought in San Francisco) during a MAS flight; now I do not know where to buy one.)

Now if only Microsoft can use the Zune OS as a basis to improve the much-maligned Windows Mobile OS and come up with an iTablet ahead of Apple…


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