Old Ways Again

Here’s one about the old ways again.

I am sharing a Powerpoint show (download and unRar: 1.9Mb) made by Anthony Makajil, a old buddy of mine. Young readers, please don’t be piqued if it appears to imply that you don’t have problems or hardships. Far from it; you have to grapple with friends who are on drugs, leaving home at a young age, excessively ambitious parents, difficult job markert, etc.,… I know.

In our times, the only drug we knew were the ones parents gave in a small bottle (I can’t recall the Brand but I remember the label was a picture of many worms in all of their glory) to deworm us. We will try to really avoid the medicine from mother until father shows up with the bottle in one hand and firewood to beat us up in the other. It was scary because we knew by the time it’s crap time, we will be shitting tens or even hundreds of beige roundworms. We knew some Ascaris will get stuck half way down our anus so we will plead for a sibling (usually the older one) to standby to do the pulling duty come shit time. Oh yeah, if you really hit the jackpot, one or two will really be long and black (mutants?) and would still be alive. Older brothers, as sadistic as we know they can be, will make you cry and beg as you chase them duck-walking, worms trailing like a couple of tails out of your asshole before they pull out them worms.

I only have to add this to Anthony’s Powerpoint: Remember when your mum used to holler and call you home come sunset? Boy, you could hear her from across the kampong. That would be pretty embarassing and a social faux pas nowadays but in the days of old, every mother did that (and in unision too) at sundown. It was perfectly normal to hear your name, “RAYNER!!! MULI NOOOOOOOOH! LUOSON NOH ILO WOGOOOOOOOOK!!!!!” (YOU COME HOME NOW! THE PIGS ARE HUNGRY!)


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