Kota Kinabalu Billboards

There was a time when Kota Kinabalu had no flyovers, traffic lights, mini buses…and billboards. Recently there have been a number of complaints in the media about the over-proliferation of billboards, turning the place into a “billboard junkyard”. Billboards seems to be erected in a slapdash willy-nilly way with no thoughts to standards based on size, shades, lighting, placement and spacing of such highly-visual additions to the city. While I understand that City Hall needs to maximise its revenue streams, as we seek to attract more tourists to Sabah, we do not want Kota Kinabalu to be, to paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, a city with “all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire”.

Apparently we are not the only ones concerned with this “Billboard Blight“.


One thought on “Kota Kinabalu Billboards

  1. The Chief Minister has publicy stated that the erection of billboards will be reviewed; you know what happened? – The billboards sprung more (like mushrooms).

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