The Proposed Kaiduan Dam

Just stumbled on this paper; I guess it has some relevance to the proposed (and controversial) Kaiduan Dam.

Gender Impact of Resettlement: The Case of Babagon Dam in Sabah, Malaysia by Carol Yong Ooi Lin.

The Abstract:

The resettlement of the Kadazandusun indigenous community of Kampung Tampasak in Penampang, Sabah, to construct the Babagon dam has altered the lives of the community. Women, men, and children in the resettled community have begun to experience increased social, economic, cultural, and psychological stresses, which are accentuated by the com pulsory acquisition of their ancestral lands and resources. Resettlement has resulted in a restructuring of gender relations, livelihoods, value systems, and culture. The study shows that the burden of change is far greater for women who have even less access to the benefits of ‘development’ than do men. There is need for greater involvement of indigenous com munities in resettlement efforts supported by more adequate state and community resources.
[Gender, Technology and Development, Vol. 5, No. 2, 223-244 (2001)]


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