High Dynamic Range Photography

I shot this autumn panaroma of beautiful Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand in 2006 using an old Canon EOS 300D in RAW format (1/400 s, F6.3, ISO 400, 18.00 mm). As you can see from the shot-as-it-is picture (2.6 Mb) (using Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw 4.0), the picture is subdued and does not really do justice to one of New Zealand’s premier tourist locations (I like autumns better than springs).

To improve it, I pulled in the RAW data using Phase One’s Capture One 5 PRO (a much better RAW software; get a 30-day fully functional here) and did some HDR magic using Artizen HDR 2.8 (also free, no demo restrictions). Click on the above picture to see a high-resolution version (4.13 mb).

You are at the tail end of a long holiday and you’re reduced to shooting in lightweight jpgs to conserve your storage. Fear not, you can do faux HDR shots. Here’s a external shot of Museo de Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile I took in 2008 using a run-of-the-mill Canon IXUS. As you can see, the quality is par for the course for a point-and-shoot shooter. Again, using Artizen HDR’s simulated High Dynamic Range output, I can impress the missus with the quality of the shot.


2 thoughts on “High Dynamic Range Photography

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