Opening up the iPhone

Daniel Lyons in last week edition of Time Magazine questioned Apple’s judgement to not open up its popular iPhone operating system, or at least allow other companies to obtain licence to its software. He queried, “Will Apple do with the iPhone what it did with the Mac?…With Apple and the iPhone, in some ways it’s 1984 all over again. Just as with the Mac, Apple keeps the iPhone’s hardware and software tightly coupled.”

Lyons should know better, Fake Steve Jobs being his alter ego. Almost every month we hear of tech pundits singing the same song and predicting the consequent demise of Apple as a result, but as uber blogger, John Grubber said in 2004 (his arguments are just as relevant to the iPhone although he was commenting on the Mac then), times and the industry are different now than in 1984. Go read his excellent article, The Art of the Parlay, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Platform Licensing and Market Share.

(Note: I have an iPhone; crack it though, Maxis bills will kill ya..)


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