HDR Photography

Yesterday I blogged about HDR photography purists being adamant that true HDR pictures must be made from 3 differently-exposed shots taken on site. Well, today, being a relatively free day, I went to Sutera Harbour to take pictures of the Kota Kinabalu skyline just after sunset. Using a borrowed 2008 Canon EOS 5D beast, I shot the darkening city in RAW in 3 different exposures using the camera’s AEB (auto exposure bracketing) mode. I then used Photomatix Pro to conflate the 3 exposures, and did the tweaking through tone mapping. As you can see (click on picture), it turned out all right (although I was fumbling in the dark as I forgot to bring my torch light), and the resultant scene is a natural and rarely-seen side of Kota Kinabalu in her night glories.

Summary: It does not really matter if you generate an HDR picture from 3 RAW exposures or from a single RAW shot; as long as you or your clients find it satisfactory, go ahead use your discretion.

[Update: 21/12/2009]
I have uploaded the 3 texposures (in 36 Mb tifs) (1,2,3). Please feel free to experiment your own HDRI. These pictures (and those shot/made by me in this website) are made available under Creative Commons licence; the copyright rests with me but please give acknowledgement if you use or publish it. Mucas gracias.


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