Rejigging WordPress Theme, iNove

I am not ready for a paid domain name and a hosting account for this blog…yet. Being stuck with the free wordpress themes, I thought of ways to rejig the look of my blog.

As you can see, I have changed it to the iNove theme: I like the simple black-grey-white look, and the ability to get rid of the sidebar. Personally, what I do not like about iNove is the slim left and right margins for the posts’ contents, as well as being stuck with the theme’s graphic header.

iNove’s customization allows you to insert a banner within the blog’s graphic header although you can not totally change the whole image. With some precision banner-making, I have inserted the frog-on-a-wire picture to conflate with the permanent header graphic. Now it looks rather like it is a different blog header. Also, as you can see, my posts’ margins have increased from the default width. To do this I just insert the following before each post:

Don’t forget to end it with the “/div” tag though, otherwise your sidebar will be bumped to the bottom.


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