Frogs & Blogs

AS a nod to the title of this blog, let me point to you a great book with 400 photos of 200 frog species. Thomas Marent’s Frog: A Photographic Portrait is a celebration of the fascinating range of the planet’s frogs and toads. Published to coincide with Amphibian Ark’s “Year of the Frog” (2008) and designed to build awareness of environmental change causing many species of amphibians to disappear at an alarming rate. The aim of the year’s campaign is to generate awareness to the greatest species conservation challenge in history.

Thomas Marent book’s quote:

But I am driven to record as much as I can. Today, Earth is facing its largest mass extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Of the 6,000 or so amphibian species, about 2,000 are in danger of becoming extinct, through habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and collection for food or as pets. The most serious immediate threat is due to a killer fungal disease, which is decimating frog populations across the globe. Amphibians have been called “the canaries in the coal mine” and are our best indicator of environmental health. As both predator and prey, they help sustain the delicate balance of nature. If we cannot control what is happening to amphibians, what does this say for the future health of our planet?

Closer to home, we have our own UKM herpetologist in the blogsphere. Check her nice Sabah pictures.