Wacky-themed restaurants

Somebody should start this in KK.

There is a cafe (according to Cabel Sasser) in Japan where you order but will not be served what you asked for but instead get what the person before you ordered, and the next person gets what you ordered. Sounds kind of like a food lottery.

Speaking of wacky-themed restaurants, some years ago, I had the chance to dine at the Singing Cook Restaurant at Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila. The food is great Filipino cuisine except in the middle of serving, the waitresses and waiters will suddenly bang their trays and break out in song. Once in the while the Cook will pop out and join the songfest; apparently, according to the posters, the cook used to be a professional singer. Just make sure they don’t sing too close to your table or their saliva may rendevous with your delectable lechon dish.


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