The Odds of Airborne Terror

Two comments on Nate Silver’s The Odds of Airborne Terror where he said that you could board 20 flights per year [in the US] and still be less likely to be the subject of an attempted terrorist attack than to be struck by lightning.

what are the odds of the “Party of No” doing a spate of handwringing and scaremongering while blaming the president for this 1 in 16,553,385 occurrence?

Your comment brings to mind the time, way back in November 1963, when Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) became president after Kennedy was assassinated. While the Left was pushing LBJ not to escalate the Vietnam War, Johnson kept calling for “consensus.”

I recall a cartoon with the image of “consensus cows” calmly grazing in the pasture, with rancher LBJ herding them with pride.

I also recall a phrase uttered by LBJ at the time, “I’m the Pilot now, and we’re all on the same plane.” Can you imagine what would happen if the cows on his plane had stampeded? We’d have had cows raining down on the prairie.

Well, fast forward 45 years (doesn’t feel like 45 years to me…), and you’ve got the Right telling Obama that if he wants to be the pilot of our country, he’d better strap on some balls, start declaring war and dropping bombs on them terrorists.

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