My iTablet Predictions

Punditry is in full cry in the internet media and blogosphere in relation to the (yet-unannounced or acknowledged by Apple) iTablet/iSlate. See here, here, and there. My take is it will be announced by Apple (possibly by CEO Steve Jobs himself) this month.

Ah, what a frickin’ gadget to have for the New Year. And, in keeping with the giddy madness of Apple fan boys and gals, I will now join in the predictions on what it will be.

1. It will have a form factor of 9 inch x 5 inch with the 7-inch display. At this size, it can be comfortably held with two hands and still use the thumbs on touch screen keyboard.

2. The front will have the generally black border look of apple screens (but without the iPhone Home button). The front glass will have cover that will flip to become a stand.

3. It will run Mac OS X with the touch screen interface of the iPhone.

4. The back will have a black rubbery surface to allow easy and safe handling.

5. It will be a touch screen netbook with special Apple Apps-Apple Store tie-up for media (eBooks, music, news and movies) content. It will be a Kindle-killer.

6. It will have special integration with Apple TV.

7. It will have stylus capability.

8. It will be a phone with Bluetooth interface with a simple handset. (Apple will allow third party handsets.)

9. It will have 128 Gb SSD.

10. It will be name “iKindleKiller”.

There you go!


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