Malaysia Transformation Programme (Final)

More excerpts of Senator Idris Jala’s speech:

In this world there are only two types of issues – there are not three, only two. The first type of issue is a “problem-to-be solved.” That means if your bicycle breaks down, if your car breaks down, if it is a mechanical fault, you can fix it by repairing – problem solved. There is another type of issue that is not a problem to be solved but a polarity to be managed.

That means North Pole-South Pole: you cannot say on one fine day, “I want to remove the North Pole.” If you remove the North Pole, what happens? We get out of orbit; the whole world will collapse. It goes to a place we don’t like, and we all die. So you need the North Pole and the South Pole. Like husband and wife. I mean, I met my wife in 1982 and we got married. When I met her and got married I never promised to become like her, and she never promised to become me, and we will always be different.

We are like that in this beautiful country: We have tensions, we have disagreements – even on issues of “Allah”, but you cannot resolve by saying, “I don’t want to listen to your views.” We have to find a way how to win-win; how to come with a compromise because this is not a problem to be solved. It is a polarity to be managed.

We need to listen to each other, and include and embrace each other. We are a country; together we will be here for a long time, and we will continue to live for even a longer time as a nation.


7 thoughts on “Malaysia Transformation Programme (Final)

  1. I like what you write dude… however, do you think we can ever achieve such a settlement. There will always be that somebody or that group that will never be satisfied. I think the only time when we can manage to be calm is wait for a big disaster to happen and then all will regret blah blah blah… whatever it is, I’m glad I’m Sabahan. There is not much tension over here. Am ai rite? ;D

    • Hi:

      I will tell this as it is. I live in Inanam and I was born a British subject (before the formation of Malaysia). I have seen polarization here and it is getting worse, and I suspect this is because politicians accentuate our differences. I remember many kedai kopi in Inanam even up to the early 80s where a Bajau would set up stall and sell rojak on one side of the shop and a Chinese sells kon lau mein pork at the other end. Sometimes, I would get to a table first and order my non-halal mein, and a Muslim would happily join and share my table and order his halal food. Other times, I would be second, and I am certain I will not be viewed in a negative way if I share a table with my Muslim brethrens.

      Ah, for the good old innocent times. Sometimes, I think we (I mean, everyone regardless of race or religion) lost a lot because of politics.

      PS: There is still a shop like this in front of All Saints School, Likas.

  2. yowza….yackety yack

    3 cheers for Sarawakian…..would Idris regret joining UMNO government? maybe groomed for Taib’s PBB later?

    words are easy to recite;that’s what every politician has learnt that he’s judged by the tools of his trade(his mouth);…….but what is hidden is what’s in his heart….is it good or is it bad? or if it’s good will it remain good or turn bad?
    that is the question!
    Idris, talk more often to Minister Mustapa….he’s a good man

    hope he’s a decent man and will strive to reform Malaysian political culture and help to rid malaysia of racist , corrupt ,greedy politicians who only work towards self enrichment and that of their families and friends.

    but wait, we don’t have to wait that long……just ask him what’s his take on TAIB Mahmud, the great leader of PBB and Sarawak?

    if his answer is like that of James Masing or Leo Moggie…..well?


    • Hi:

      We, the general populace, may have hope yet if people like Minister Idris Jala (who came from a poor and isolated place like Bario – persumably he was a child from a dirt-poor family too) can influence and change from within the highest policy makers in government. Did you know (said by him in the same speech I quoted) that one of the conditions he imposed upon the PM when joining the Federal Cabinet was he remains not a member of any political party, government or otherwise?

      Rae G

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