Still about the Goodness of People

From The Guardian of London: A New York cabbie drove over 50 miles, tracked down and returned to an Italian tourist her $21,000 in cash – not to mention jewellery worth thousands more – which she forgot on the back seat, and then turned down a reward.

I love these kinds of stories for I can relate to these.

Many years ago I lost my wallet at the Likas Stadium. Stupid me – I put my wallet on top of the car while changing, forgot to retrieve it and drove off. There were about a thousand Ringgit in it, and more importantly my IC, bank cards, and credit cards. For a young graduate just months into a first job that was a lot of money.

Next day afternoon, very morose about the loss and getting ready to report it to the police, I got a call from a Chinese guy who asked if I was who I am, and that he has found my wallet. He asked me where my office was, and later drove all the way across town to personally hand over my lost wallet. There it was, all muddied and misshapen – it looked like it was run over by a tyre – and all the money and cards were still there. I asked him how was he able to call me. He replied he went to American Express and inquired about my address. I was very happy he accepted some money for at least I can say more than a simple thank you.

From that day, I always wished that one day I have the opportunity to give back – to do the right thing as this person did; I am still waiting for that chance.

Two years ago, I tercicir my 1st Gen iPhone (worth nearly RM3,000) while travelling in a taxi in KL. Next morning, the Indian taxi driver called me (I was carrying two phones and both numbers were on my “Owner Info” screen) to say he found my phone. Huwah, here we go again – I have the opportunity to meet with real and honest people again. The taxi driver related to me that the next passenger he picked up after me, who was an Arab, found my phone on the car floor and handed over the phone to him, saying that the phone wasn’t hers. Since I was already on the way to KLIA to return home, I told him I will look him up the next time I was in KL. So, three weeks later, I got my expensive phone back. And the taxi driver absolutely refused to accept a reward; I did tip him double the fare to Genting though.

That was not the end of that particular iPhone story. A year later, while I was getting money out from an ATM in Tawau, I put the phone on top of the machine. I know, stooopid forgetful me – I went off leaving the unlucky phone behind. Two hours later, I got my phone back. The next ATM user, who was a Malay lady, obviously saw my phone. She called the first “A” contact in my phone, who coincidently was one of my department colleagues in Tawau, and gave it to him.

By the way, I finally lost that poor iPhone when I forgot it inside the seat pocket of a MAS flight. Still, these lessons learned – the very goodness of people – were worth the cost of that sad phone. Nice stories, don’t you think? Notice the races of the persons in these stories? Tell me again, how are we so different?

I am really still waiting for that chance.


One thought on “Still about the Goodness of People

  1. The true story on the lost-found again-lost-found again….and finally lost forever is a good example that there are nice Malaysians around. Malaysians are known for their hospitality but not in terms of honesty etc. Lets learn from the Japs…TRUST is the important key element in life, trust leads to many good deeds-honesty,love, care etc etc…your sharing on this matter is an eye opener to me..that honesty is the best policy in life… important thing, dont loose that new iphone, you may not bump on nice people every day

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