It’s about the best and speediest sailboat, silly

Golden Gate Yacht Club and BMW Oracle Racing won the 2010 America’s Cup. In the end it is all about the best and speediest sailboat.

There are some who think there is something wrong with a match between the two most advanced sailboats on the planet, two yachts indeed conjured into being just for these few races and cast into shape according to a spell written in 1887 by George Schuyler. The truth is that this is the closest the Cup has come in some time to what it was originally. This is not a pageant, this not a participation event to satisfy sponsors, it’s not intended to be done on the cheap or for the thrill of competing, and there are no intentions of parity for the sake of entertainment.

This is about winning. It’s about excellence and pushing the limits to get there, and this is what made the America’s Cup big, brave, and famous in the first place. It is serious, serious, sport. It’s taken imagination, some real guts, and cubic money to get to this point, nearly unlimited except by constraints of time. Win or Lose, this match could well be the last time we ever see the America’s Cup unleashed to this degree. This is a match race in the original sense, the boats at mythic proportions, the competitors have real anger, the stakes beyond mere pride. The America’s Cup sails into history today, and Cup fans everywhere should hope it comes out a winner.


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