CASH’s Anti-Sugar Poster


I came upon the above at a coffee shop in Damai, KK – a public service poster by the Penang Consumer Association warning of the dangers of sugar. While we all have heard about the risks and consequences of high intake of sugars, this advisory is just plain wrong with the known scientific facts. For example it says, “Sugar is the nutrient for cancer cells. 1 in 3 Malaysians will get cancer.” Good lord, 9 million Malaysians will get cancer; I am not even sure that many people go to hospitals and clinics for whatever aliments. The poster goes to list obesity, athritis, dental caries, gallstones, heart disease, and diabetes as the direct consequences of eating sugar – note: eating sugar, not overly high intake of sugar. I suspect CASH just pulled it from this website; if Nancy Appleton, Ph.D is right, two-thirds of the world population wil die. I like reason No. 140 though: Too much sugar can kill your sex life; I always thought it is the green mud facial mask the missus wears to bed.

Silly and plain wrong. About the sugars, I mean, not the mask.


One thought on “CASH’s Anti-Sugar Poster

  1. hey..she might read that :0. nothing can kill ur sdrive unless it isnt roaring to begin with hahaa. anyways, i’d like to think the lesson here is..dont overdo d sweets cos they r carbs > fat, though actually a diabetes-free person’s system should be able to cope despite bingeing on sweets, their blood sugar level stayed normal, but if you keep that sugar diet up you could develop insulin resistance and certainly put on weight, which means obesity hence a very important factor in contributing to diabetes which is an epidemic at hand… & lastly not to interpret poster, commercials etc. as delivered..tadaa

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