Old Kampong Women & the City

Originally posted on 15-02-2010

Today I saw two old ladies rummaging and scavenging from the DBKK rubbish bins in Lintas today. They were sorting through the filth and garbage, looking for stuff they can use or sell. No, they were not beggars. From they way they dressed and their dialects, they are our people (not the illegal foreigners) – you know, like the old women who we used to see sell ningat and sigup at tamus, or those who worked the fields in the kampongs.

It is sad that “modernization” has come to this: Old folks have left the kampongs, went to live in towns and in the city, and become the urban poor – the really urban poor. For whatever reasons that compelled them to come live in the city, I suspect it must be a harder life that the one they left behind in the kampong. You can die of hunger in a big bad city but in the kampong, you may have little money but you can grow your own food, or look for wild pakis or rebung, tanam ubi or let the chickens run wild, or catch fish in the rivers.

UPDATE (11-03-2010) : The above is another group. They were originally from Kota Belud. And suprisingly, after they finished they were driven away by a man in a Proton Saga.


2 thoughts on “Old Kampong Women & the City

  1. If I were you, I would have approached them and ask them what they were really doing, just to whet my curiosity 🙂

    You know what they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. I’ll admit to doing this whilst I was a student in the States as I drove around the neighborhood — the stuff people throw out at times are amazing.

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