Marketers could be literally looking into your brain

Holy carp! I know my habits and decisions are being sliced and diced while I am surfing and buying on the Net. I know my credit card spending are being analysed by marketers. I know Google takes a digital piece of me everytime I search. I know the CCTV cameras at the hypermalls are not just for security. Now this: they can now actually see how the consumer’s brain works. According to researchers at Duke University and Emory University,

…neuromarketing takes the tools of modern brain science, like the functional MRI, and applies them to the somewhat abstract likes and dislikes of customer decision-making. Though this raises the specter of marketers being able to read people’s minds (more than they already do), neuromarketing may prove to be an affordable way for marketers to gather information that was previously unobtainable, or that consumers themselves may not even be fully aware of.

Ladies, you are being targeted more.

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