Tell Me Why We Buy Bottled Water

On World Water Day (yesterday), this youTube video was released – The Story of Bottled Water. (US-centric though). Watch the video and read this book – Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are. Two words – Manufactured Demand.

There are close to 50 brands of bottled water in Malaysia. This is also the reason why Colgate sells a long list of toothpaste locally:

Colgate Propolis
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fresh Cool Mint
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Icy Cool Mint
Colgate Triple Action
Colgate Total 12
Colgate Total 12 Whitening
Colgate Total 12 Clean Mint
Colgate Total 12 Ice Cool Mint
Colgate Total 12 Fresh Stripe
Colgate Herbal
Colgate Herbal White
Colgate Kayu Sugi
Colgate Kayu Sugi Pemutih
Colgate Advanced Whitening
Colgate Sensitive
Colgate Sensitive Fresh Stripe
Colgate Fresh Confidence
Colgate Pokémon Bubble Fruit
Colgate Pokémon Orange
Colgate Pokémon Strawberry


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