Sabah Oil Palm Industry & the NEM

The Star Online is saying that Malaysia’s palm oil industry should benefit from the New Economic Model’s targeting of this sector. Sabah – with more that 1.4 million hectares of plantations – is the largest producer of palm oil and should have a keen interest on this as the NEM policies are being fleshed out.

One major concern right now is that the industry is losing many of its largely foreign plantation workers to the ever-expanding plantations in neighbouring Indonesia, especially in the Borneo province of Kalimantan. Ironically, many of these Kalimantan workers are working in plantations run by Malaysian oil palm companies. There are recent reports of several unharvested plantations in Sabah because of the lack of workers.

I hope the NEM-inspired polices will address these woes.


7 thoughts on “Sabah Oil Palm Industry & the NEM

  1. Sabah mampu pergi lebih jauh dengan kemajuan industri kelapa sawit. Sabah POIC biodiesel adalah salah satu kemajuan yang bakal membawa Sabah maju dan keluar dari label negeri termiskin!

  2. Krisis pekerja / buruh bakal menjadi kritikal bagi sektor kelapa sawit terutama di Sabah yang setakat ni mempunyai kawasan terbesar di Malaysia. Adakah negeri Sabah harus bergantung dengan pekerja asing sampai bila-bila? Tidak terfikirkah syarikat2 kelapa sawit seperti IOI, PPOB, MPOB, Borneo Samudera etc untuk mengambil langkah menawarkan insentif menarik bagi menarik lebih ramai pekerja bumiputera / tempatan. Sekiranya upah yang ditawarkan oleh para syarikat ini masih kecil dan tidak menarik..sampai bila-bila pun Sabah tidak boleh keluar dari kebergantungan pekerja asing..

  3. Without sufficient labor force in the plantation sector, our Oil Palm Industry will not be able to run successfully. Many foreign investors might withdraw their support.

  4. They should found a way how to impress the locals to work in the palm oil industries…maybe minimum wage will help…

  5. It is good that we are less dependent on foreign labors, but the low supply of human resources is worrisome for the industry. Something should be done to attract local people to work in plantations so that we won’t run out of labor.

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