State Legislative Assembly starts next Monday

The third term of the 13th State Legislative Assembly will convene for 4 days starting on Monday, 19th.

It usually saddens me that even though there are about two hundred seats in the public gallery, there are very few members of the public who attend the siting. Most of the time, all I see is a bunch of high school students attending; I seldom see non-government politicians listening in. Any member of the public can walk in and sit in the gallery; all you need is to dress smartly and they will allow you in. Having spent years listening to the YBs, I know many of them do debate cogently and speak for the Rakyat. They also do not spent all the time toeing the party line; government backbechers do complain and tegur the government. Also, they are not always siting inside the Dewan; you can catch them taking a coffee break outside, and I find out that most of them are most approachable at this time. Heck, you might even get to share views with the Chief Minister in the hallways.

I know the matter of eradication of Sabah’s poverty is a big subject in this coming siting. So, go!


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