Cell Phones as a controlling device

Cell Phones: A Serious Epidemic is the title of the post of this blogger.

Yes, and it is also can be a heaven-sent for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder as they treat it as a controlling device of people they are obsessed with. Think about it: the cellphone is always in one’s pocket or handbag, and if it is your wont to obsess, the owner is at all times at your every beck and call.

Many years ago, in the halcyon days of only land line telephones, we had a pretty co-worker in our office who had a very jealous boyfriend. He would constantly and all day long call all our office lines asking where his girlfriend were and who she was with, and if we can can not satisfy his queries, the one who picked up the phone would be on the receiving end of his jealousy-fueled tirades. Pretty soon, no body wanted to take his calls, and our poor co-worker also bore the brunt of the extreme exasperation of a few of our office mates. That was not the end of it though as we found out later, the jealous man, having exhausted all our patience in taking his numerous calls, was reduced to stationing himself at the office lifts to spy on his girlfriend.

We were happy for our co-worker when we found out later than she married someone else. But, I bet you, in these days of cellphones, there is at least one man who is really happy with handphones.


One thought on “Cell Phones as a controlling device

  1. I thought you were going to talk about cell phones being used as remote controls, like for TV and stuff 🙂 (which by the way can be done if you have a mobile phone with infra-red ability built in)

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