Beware that toilet roll

Ok, this is a public service announcement.

A familiar sight at eateries and coffeeshops in Sabah: toilet paper roll on offer for valued customers…to wipe your utensils or your mouth with after eating. (To be fair, I’ve seen these in similar places in Semenanjung Malaysia and Sarawak.)

Let me tell you what I saw sometime ago. A man was having his lunch and all of a sudden he has to sneeze. Acheeee! The poor sod tried to cover his mouth with his left hand but only managed to spew out bits of food, goo and spit. Ah…I think you know what happened next: he reached out with his right hand to pull the toilet paper out and used his messy left hand to tahan it from spooling out. So there you are – a nice gooey and full of hingus end of the toilet roll sticking out waiting for the next customer to wipe her mouth with. I hope the bugger don’t have herpes. Yuck!

Didn’t the authorities say they want to ban these extra amenities many years ago?


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