TYT Birthday last saturday

Phew! Last Saturday was the Head of State’s (TYT) official birthday and there were 3 functions to attend. First off was a 7am march past at the Padang Merdeka where 81 contingents took part while the birthday boy was given a 17-gun salute. As required by protocol, I was stuck in my seat so I just have to satisfy myself with taking snaps of people in their finery and uniforms prior to the official programme.

At 10am, it’s a short drive up the hill to the Istana to witness the State Awards Ceremony where new Datuks and other recipients that the State Government deemed suitably qualified and to be honored get to receive their stars and medals from the TYT. I managed to walk around the investiture hall before the protocol republican guards made everybody sit and wait for the solemn ceremony to start. Here’s the SPDK (Seri Panglima Darjah Kinabalu) award, the highest award that can be given by TYT. The chain and two stars are made from gold. I asked an Istana official how much it costs and she said about RM120,000. The next picture is the PGDK (made from gold too) stars which cost the government RM50,000 to make. The third picture is a bunch of ASDK stars.

Final function for the day was the evening State Banquet at the State Legislative Assembly building for TYT birthday bash. Of course it wasn’t really a bash since Sabah’s finest were in attendance and have to observe strict protocol, decorum and fine dining etiquette. (Like, when you eat your cream soup, please make sure you scoop outwards with your spoon, not inwards.) I don’t know why but every year the organizers set the menu for western food—bland! and no rice. Would be nice if they have curry fish heads but then it probably does not go well with the silverware.

For entertainment, the organisers invited some local and West Malaysian artistes. There was a girl from AF8 – great vocals…and I got to have my picture taken with the original diva of the Malaysian entertainment industry—Datuk Syarifah Aini.


3 thoughts on “TYT Birthday last saturday

  1. Nice! You should consider adding the pictures of those stars into Wikipedia if there’s any page on TYT or State Awards Ceremony. I’m sure many of us are curious about how those really look like up close.

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