CSL’s DroidPad @ Low Yat

Apple and Steve Jobs had better be afraid: Android is going to be big.

In fact, bigger than these 2 green Androids (if they are version 2.2, they must be named “Froyo”) I saw at Low Yat Plaza (Kuala Lumpur) today. Our very own Malaysian company—CSL was running a big booth to promote and showcase their recently-launched answer to the iPad—the Spice Mi700 DroidPad. This touch screen, 3G/WiFi, dual camera tablet with a 7 inch 800 x 480 display runs the famous open source OS – Android v2.2 Froyo, and is powered by the Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz processor.

I thought it was just the right size for a tablet that you can actually bring around and do work. It is also an HSDPA 3.5G voice call-enabled phone, which means you can put it to your ear as a big handphone, that is, if you want to look silly. (But then again, some of us actually thought we looked cool while lugging that RM13,000 Nokia brick of a handphone way back in the 80s.)

I played with it a bit and I was impressed with the responsiveness of the Google-owned OS. Here’s a video I uploaded to youTube. Google Earth was as zippy as on the iPad. A SYT (sweet young thing) showed me how the (beta) Angry Birds game played on it, and it was as smooth a gameplay as you like. I thought, though, it was a tad bit thickish for that 180mm by 110mm size. Price? RM1599.

Looks like CSL have beaten Samsung (Tab) to the punch.


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