Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color

Barnes & Noble is set to sell the Nook Color, their second generation eBook reader.

Two words: Don’t buy! I have the original Nook. It froze every other day and I have to go through the hassle of opening up the casing, take out the battery, and then connect it to the PC with the USB cable just to have it restarted. Otherwise there is no way of resetting it. Finally, just after 5 months of hapless ownership, I guess it decided to put itself out of misery by refusing to have its battery recharged (battery dead as a Dodo).


2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color

  1. Appreciate your sharing this info, Rayner, though I’m not ready for an eBook reader. Will stick to real books… until I can’t resist the reader and have to succumb to its charms.

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