Great Free WordPress Themes @ ZenVerse

I am currently mulling about moving our Department’s website to a WordPress-powered server, and am sourcing the Net for suitable free themes. They are literally thousands of them out there and it is a big job to shift through the morass. I would say they fall into 2 broad categories—personal blog themes and corporate styles. Surprisingly there are very few that are suitable for government-owned websites. You know what governments are supposed to project: staid, serious and devoid of glitz, or at least their websites should be. though have a number of free WordPress themes that to me, with a few modifications, that are suitable and can be used for government websites. And, you know what? These premium-lookalike themes are designed by Zen, a 18-years old freelance web designer and programmer from Malaysia. This young chap could make serious money out of this but he is giving it away for free. He accepts donationware though.

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