Apple 1 for sale

Apple 1 (6502 microprocessor, 8K bytes of RAM, three capacitors, cassette board connector) available for bids at Christie’s, estimated price £100,000 to £150,0000.

The original price was $666.66 in 1976. Steve Jobs originally wanted to sell it for $777.77. Woz insisted that this price was to high so he agreed to sell it for $666. When he was asked why he picked this number (the mark of Satan) he answered that he just took a lucky number, 7, and subtracted one. Paul Terrel was the first person who placed a commercial order from Apple.

Consider: Current Macbook Air (11-inch,1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB memory, 64GB flash storage). Price – $999.

You have come a long way, baby.


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