Airport Security: Almost Zero Protection at the Departures

Here’s a would-be traveller’s account of the increased (and very invasive) security procedures currently practised at American airports.

That might well be so to prevent terrorists from smuggling bombs and weapons into planes. Amazingly though, airport security seems to have forgotten the departure area. I was at Heathrow airport just over a year ago during the start of the holiday season, and it was packed to the gills with travellers. If I am a would-be bomber, I would just cart some bags (I don’t expect security guards to check these) and explode them departures or the airline check-in areas. I mean, look at the picture above—how much PETN explosives can I pack into those bags? I can bring the whole terminal building down with that mother. I have seen this lack of security at departures and check-in areas in many large international airports, including our very own KLIA.

There is no need to hazard smuggling some puny device or matériel into an airplane to get a high body count.


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