Old Rolex nets owner a cool $66,000

via hodinkee.com

Here’s a story to warm your hearts at the start of this new year: Bob of Texas put his 52-year old Rolex up for bidding at eBay for a starting price of $9.95. He put it up for sale because, as he says, “I’m in my ninth decade, I’m downsizing and need to unload a lot of what are really just souvenirs.”

In a frenzied 49 bids among 12 bidders, Bob’s auction closed at a cool US$66,100.00.

Little did he knew that his watch – the Rolex Submariner Model 5510 – is one of the rarest of Vintage Rolex’s, and thus by far, the Holy Grail for the avid Rolex collector. Here’s a description of the same model which was sold for $100,000:

“The 5510 is considered the rarest of the Submariner models. The Submariner went into production in 1953 and was showcased at the Basel Fair a year later. Ian Fleming’s James Bond character wore these distinctive “no crown guard” model Subs with the oversize crowns in Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger and Thunderball. Collectors generally consider the ref. 6200,6538 A, the thick cased 6538 and the 5510 to be the “Bond” models. The 5510 is by far the rarest and most important for the serious Rolex collector.”


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