Two Omega Watches

Call me old-fashioned but for me, the only concession to bling for a man should be watches, and even at these, they should not be those Liberace-type ornaments. I love Omega watches but the prices as they are, to own a real one was as much chance for me as me replacing Daniel Craig as 007 in the next Bond movie. So I was very estatic and grateful when a dear friend gifted me an Omega Seamaster for Christmas (THANK YOU, Tuan!).

I am not adverse to buying and wearing a replica watch. (A charitable word, that. In other words, it meant “fake” or “pirated”.) Well, there is a little project to be had—I wanted to see how good an Omega replica was, knowing I have the real McCoy in my hands. So off I went to buy one online. (Flash bulletin—if you want to know from me a reliable, fast and trustworthy Malaysian Internet seller of cheap fake watches, please say in “Comments”).

Within 3 days of Maybank bank-in of my payment, a sullen Post Laju guy appeared at my office with my project in a black box. Great! Now we can compare. See picture above? Click for a high-res look and tell me which one is the replica. Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

Will I wear the fake? Absolutely. It’s high quality, it keeps good time, and it’s nice-looking. And, it might possibly save my hide one day. A possible scenario:

3.00am, a dark alley in a seedy place in Quezon City

Mugger: “Give me your money! Bilisan mo!”
I had over wallet.
Mugger: “What the fuck is this? Where is your money?”
Me: “I finished all my pesos buying the ladies drinks in the Go Go bars. Here take my Omega watch.”
Mugger takes one look at my shiny “expensive” Seamaster and run away thinking he don’t have to mug for the next 3 months. I run the other direction promising myself no more 3am bar hopping for the next 3 years.

Fake watch (RM193). The real deal at (About RM6,000)

Here’s a link to a picture of the real Omega “James Bond 007 Collector’s Piece” Seamaster.


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