Kudos to Sabah Credit Corporation

Give credit where it is due. I sent in my application for a loan to Sabah Credit Application last friday. Today (monday), they called up to say the loan has been approved. That’s fast! And you know what? They sent to 2 pleasant ladies to my office to have everything signed. No hassle, no driving, no looking for parking slots at the jam-packed Dongonggon streets.

No wonder SCC is one of only 2 government organisations to get a 4-star rating from the Auditor General. (The other one is the state Treasury.) Mucho kudos to SCC.


3 thoughts on “Kudos to Sabah Credit Corporation

  1. Interesting. When my better half’s loan was approved last year, all they said was to come by their office in P’pang. No beautiful lady came (possibly to my benefit?).

  2. SCC should get 5-Star… My loan approve in just 2 working days… I dont mind if they dont sent beautiful ladies hehehe…. what I care is I got the money as early than I expect to…

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