The science of sex appeal

These are not new subjects in the field of Evolutionary Psychology, but it is great to know that the scientists are hard at work validating their theories.

From a recent paper in the Review of General Psychology (A publication of the American Psychological Association).

Women with low Waist-to-Hip ratios (narrow waists and broad hips) are consistently rated by men in many cultures as more attractive, with optimal WHRs being about .7. Large samples of Playboy models and female film stars both converge on this value, with each showing average WHRs of about .68. In a recent study, men who were born blind or developed blindness later in life were presented with mannequins varying in WHR. Even those who were born blind preferred the shape of the low WHR, indicating that visual input is not necessary to develop or maintain this preference…

…By now it should come as no surprise that women with low WHRs are more reproductively viable. They ovulate more often, have more regular menstrual cycles, and are more likely to conceive as a result of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. Women with low WHRs are also healthier. They have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gall bladder disease, kidney disease, and various cancers.

Hmmm…and I thought I was ogling for ogling sake.


One thought on “The science of sex appeal

  1. Nicely written blog:)
    Waist-to-hip ratios indeed make a woman’s figure look sexier, but what matters are facial features – according to my theory at least. All other factors are secondary.

    I claim there is not even one celebrity couple in the whole world with facial features as defined in “The No Such Couple Paradox”. Although, in accordance with the predominant theories there are no rational reasons that would impede the formation of such couple.

    My theory can be also confirmed with the so called “digit ratios”.

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