Fishing in Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia

Talk about instant gratification.

While in Perth, Western Australia, I made a day’s hop to Exmouth. On the spur of the moment, I and a group of friends went fishing just offshore of an Exmouth resident friend with his boat. Just within 30 minutes out in the Exmouth Gulf, and 15 minutes of trolling, the 4 fishing lines were simultaneously in business: three 9-kg gold trevallies and a 3-kg Spanish Mackerel. Wow!

Apparently the Aussies don’t like Ikan Putih (Trevally) so they call it Neighbour’s Fish—fish to be given away to the neigbours. The ones on the left and right have to become Neighbour’s Fishes as they couldn’t swam anymore when we put them back to sea.

(click on pictures to see on Flickr).


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