Baby Reticulated Python

Last saturday I took delivery of 2 baby reticulated pythons (Python reticulatus). This is the world’s longest snake (and reptile). And these two have a little story to tell.

4 years ago at at uncle’s place I spied a little baby python which was quite tame. I implored upon my uncle to sell me the baby but animal lover as he is, he refused to part away with it for any amount of money. Well, 4 years later that little snake has turned into a 17-feet mommy. Her 16-egg clutch have all turned into baby pythons and I get to own 2 of them. They are still getting used to being handled; as you can see from the picture, I have a bite mark. If you visited Gaya Street yesterday you probably seen some of their siblings.

This python can be as long as 28 feet so watch them grow on this blog!


2 thoughts on “Baby Reticulated Python

    • Hi! Someone actually emailed me and ask how do you feed it? Made a comment that when it is 28-feet big, it will eat your dog….we’ll see. At the moment, I am force-feeding it with chicken gizzards; apparently that’s how to make it tame. Don’t feed it live animals (like baby hamsters and mice) ‘cos when it is BIG, it might just mistake you as PREY!

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