New! Samsung Galaxy Note

Remember when I hankered for an iPad-iPhone in-between? For a mobility device, this new Samsung Galaxy Note, at least for me, have hit the sweet spot size-wise. It looks like the perfect device to lug around as a replacement organizer.

Earlier this year I totally ditched my made-from-dead-trees diary and went fully to the cloud. I use Google Calender and Tasks, Evernote and Springpad. Now all my tasks and schedules, and my staff’s to-dos are all synchronized instantly on my iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as on the office and home desktop PCs. Maria, my PA, (bless her) updates my schedules and appointments in Google Calender via Microsoft Outlook 2007 so there is no need for her to know my Google user accounts.

The only problem so far is that the Tab is a bit heavy to always bring around. So once I get my paws on the new Galaxy Note, I will reassigned this Tab just for ebook reader tasks at home.

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