Book—Steve Jobs

This is the authorised autobiography of the recently-departed Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson. This authoritative book tells about who Steve Jobs was, and what is already known by the many people who knew, and worked (and competed) with him: A passionate and driven man, an inspiring and at the same time hard and ruthless taskmaster, an attention-to-details innovator, and a visionary who was consumed with making products, especially Apple’s, that were the ultimate expression of the fusion of art, aesthetics and technology. Here’s a quote from the book:

He had neither [Larry] Ellison’s conspicuous consumption needs nor [Bill} Gates’s philanthropic impulses nor the competitive urge to see how high on the Forbes list he could get. Instead his ego needs and personal drives led him to seek fulfillment by creating a legacy that would awe people. A dual legacy, actually: building innovative products and building a lasting company. He wanted to be in the pantheon with, indeed a notch above, people like Edwin Land, Bill Hewlett, and David Packard…

Mona Simpson, Jobs’s sister, no doubt echoed the sense of loss and sadness of the millions of admirers around the world with her heart-felt eulogy at Steve Jobs memorial service.

Such a great loss dying at the relatively young age of 56.


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