NFL Postseason: Patriots vs Broncos

Patriots 45, Broncos 10.

Well, they will have to give Tebowmania a rest till next season. And the Belichick passing machine rumbles on. Coming into this game the talk was how the Patriots 31-st ranked defence is going to cope in postseason. By the end of the first half, it was clear that the Broncos will not be the team which will reveal the frailities—and weakness there are collectively among the big defenders of the Pats—of the New Englanders. By then Tom Brady have 5 TDs, a record for a postseason. Brady used All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski as a sabre—no, make that a Rambo knife—thrusting through fatally the heart (read middle) of the Denver Broncos defence.

The Pats’ defence was so good that at one time early in the third quarter, several Patriots swarmed Tebow like a tight bunch of angry hornets; we never knew who officially got the sack that time, such was the Broncos QB overwhelmed.

If the Pats meets with the Ravens, they are going to the Super Bowl.

New York Times is implying that Tim Tebow will get found next season (“so much pixie dust”).


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