Super Bowl XLVI

Well, Super Bowl XLVI is tomorrow (Sunday in Indianapolia) and concidentally Monday is a holiday here. Just Perfect: 8am, and I will be sitting with my coffee and konowmein watching the Patriots going against the NY Giants on ASTRO Sports HD 2.

Last night CNN showed the running game statistics of quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants side by side with Tom Brady’s of the New England Patriots; in all respects Brady came out on top. I have a feeling though that the difference will not be how the Giants can stack against the passing of Tom Brady. There is a saying in football that a good running game will improve your running offense. My take is that Belichick will call for more than usual runs played in regular season by the Pats. When the Giants played agains the SF 49ers, we caught more than a glimpse of how the Giants defence can be attacked this way.

Oh no, the Patriots lost. Tom Brady did not have to do that high-risk long throw.

I would say Super Bowl XLVI will be a low scoring game. The Pats will win by a touchdown and a field goal though. Go Pats!


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