The new iPad

It is amazing that just over two years ago there were no tablets. Thanks to Apple, this new category of IT device will soon overtake the PC as the No. 1 computer being used. The iPad has come to dominate the tablet category.

My 20-month old Baby Rei refers to any tablet (we have a few iPads, 10-inch and 7-inch androids scattered around the house.) as the iPad. I think that is what Apple is trying to do with the decision to name the iPad 3 as simply “the new iPad”: they want it to be synonymous with “tablet”. Just like old folks call any 4WD a “jeep”, and just like many of us refer to any toothpaste as “colgate”, and so would Apple like us to call any tablet an iPad.

Most reviews of the new iPad follow the theme of “It’s neither a dud nor a game-changer” or thereabouts. And therein lies the challenge for Apple under CEO Tim Cook. Consumers have come to expect revolutionary products from Apple–the now behemoth company that haS given us truly game-changing products-the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad–never mind that these were innovated several years apart. Consumers expect the next big DIFERENT (not just incremental, evolutionary, resolutionary or thinnovative) thing from apple.


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