So…Timothy Bradly won by split decision against Manny Pacquiao. Coming to the last 2 rounds, I knew Pac-man have to win the those; it was that close. He didn’t (He thought he could just cruised through.); serve him right. That is the problem with boxing these days: they just want to win and rack up wins for the next mega-money fight.

Aaah… for the days of Sugar Ray Leonard, Hearns, Hagler and Roberto Duran, of those past halcyon boxing days when fights were all about elemental boxing: look at this Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Hearns II; do you think they just want to shave it? Look at Roberto Duran: The fucker’s brains were being beaten and sprayed all the way back to Panama by Thomas Hearns, and yet he was telling his opponent, “Come to daddy!”.

Maybe I should just watch Lawn Bowls.


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