It’s TYT’s Birthday today

Today is Tuan Yang Terutama Yang Di Pertuan Negeri’s official birthday (first week of every October) and I was in 3 majlis. First, early morning it’s the 50 contingent march past at the Merdeka Padang. Here I am in a photo-op with the Commander of the Sabah Contingent of the Royal Malaysian Army, the Kota Kinabalu Mayor and the Director of Public Service.

Then, it’s up the hill to the Istana for the Sabah State Awards. A bunch of people was awarded their datukships. John Gaisah, a famous dusun singer in the 70s and who died in 1981 was awarded posthumously a datukship this year. Way, way too late I think. Afterwards, a fancy lunch. Here’s the TYT table, and him cutting his cake.

In the evening is the State Banquet held in conjunction with the big boy’s birthday.

Here’s the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries’ choir serenading the diners.

Syafinaz Selamat was the big-name star in the entertainment lineup.

A shot of the members of cultural troupe present during the banquet.


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