Books: Books about baseball

If you like baseball, U.S. Baseball that is, here are four books:

The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran by Dirk Hayhurst (2010). It tells about how crappy (and funny) baseball life can be in the minor leagues.

Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball by R.A. Dickey (2012). Dickey of the New York Mets is the 2012 Cy Young winner. His tale of angst, sadness and perseverance as he flitted between MLB and the lower leagues has an authentic feel about it. WHen he finished his book last year he had just had his breakthrough year in MLB; the 2012 baseball season I guess put the exclamation mark on his continuing story.

One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season by Tony La Russa (2012).

The Yankee Years by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci (2010). I guess you can call this “The rise and fall of the New York Yankees” book.

If you haven’t read any one of these, I recommend reading these in this order. Enjoy!


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