Using fonts in iBooks in your android

The Google Nexus 7 is my choice ebook reader these days. It is a nifty 7-incher and it has the best screen resolution of all the 7-inches tablets. The iPad 3 of course has a better resolution but it is way too big to lug around just to read ebooks.

IOS’s iBooks is a great ebook reader (or for that matter, Kindle or Stanza on the iPad) but you are stuck with the font choices embedded within the apps. One thing that is great about the ebook apps for the android (such as Moon +, Mantano or Aldiko) is that you can use any TrueType font. I am quite fickle about what fonts to use on my ebook reader (depending on my different moods I will choose different fonts) so this is just great for me. That being said, I love the Iowan and Charter fonts in iBooks.

Those are TrueType fonts and they are packaged inside the iBooks app. It is a simple matter of unzipping the ibooks.ipa (yeah, that is a zip format) and getting the fonts. Once that is done, it is a simple matter of transferring these to my favourite ebook reader on my Nexus 7, i.e., Mantano and Aldiko.

Here’s how to extract the 2 fonts.


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