Organic Gardening

Wow, this blog haven’t been updated a while. I have been busy doing organic gardening at my backyard.

Insects nowadays are such stone-cold hard and resistant to insecticides. No way you can do organic gardening (ie., without using synthetic insecticides/pesticides) out in the open and still hope to see your plants not attacked by insects and aphids. You have to build an insect-free green house…which I did. See picture (click to see a higher-res picture).

Absolutely healthy, luscious and delectable sawi/choy sam, just 40 days and ready to eat. Just look, how many holes in the leaves can you see? I can guarantee: no industrial fertilizers, no synthetic insecticides.

The indeterminate tomatoes are about to flower… healthy too. Once they flower, I will zap them with calcium (I go pick some broken corals from the beach and powder them) and epsom salts (RM9 from Watsons; can last 2 years). Easy to get gardening advice these days: just google or youtube.

3 sacrificial plants – chilli, petola and tomatoe – put outside the greenhouse. I want to see how these fare with the insects with only using only natural pesticides.


What makes my plants thrive is vermicompost. Here’s a picture. A youngster by the name of Ben (0128373480) makes them (very professionally, I must add using worms (African Night Crawlers). He sells the worms too.) at Tobobon, Menggatal. Highly reccomended, RM30 per bag if you buy 6 or more.


Soil and fertilizer tests about to start: growing Kai Lan with:

1. Soil + vermicompost
2. Soil + chicken compost
3. Soil + chicken compost + charcoal
4. Soil + chicken compost + Semporna seaweed powder + powdered corals
5. Soil + chicken compost + fish emulsion
6. Soil + chicken compost + brown sugar + epsom salt
7. Soil + chicken compost + fish meal

Let’s see which one produce the fattest Kai Lan. Should know in 40 days.


2 thoughts on “Organic Gardening

  1. Hi mr…may i know how to use vermicompost? i mean just use / plant on vermicompost or must add other type of soils?? thanks

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