Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor

I finally watched Lone Survivor, the movie version of Navy SEAl Marcus Lutterll’s story of survival in Afganistan. Actually I read the book way before Hollywood decide to commit it to the silver screen. In any case, after reading the book, my thoughts were: bad decisions in many ways.


The 4 SEALs, in arguing whether to kill the goat herders or not: were the decisions just only, “kill them and be accused as murderers in CNN or let them go and have the Taliban hordes be alerted?”. Nah. How about, “Ok, you two guard the goat fuckers while we two go up the top and get the sat comm going?’ or “tie them up good and let’s go!” Idiot.

What about the 2 chinooks that were full of SEALs? They knew they were going into a hot zone and yet they flew right into a fire party of Talibans, RPGs and all. The idiot CO could have thought, “Ok, Lt. Murphy and gang must be up to their eyeballs in Talibans down below. Why don’t I land the Chinooks 1 klick away and let my SEALS run? Yeah, for sure, time was at a premium, trying to save the 4 men but wasn’t it a case of simple arithmetic: dozens of SEALS on the 2 helicopters, just 4 members of the ill-fated insertion force. Idiot.


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