Apple Special Event on 9th September

The Apple Special Event will be held on 9th September. We will be able to see the live stream around noon on the 10th here in Malaysia. What will Apple announce this time? There have been a lot of buzz since early this year about a new product category from Apple.

Microsoft dominated the PC desktop on the strength of its mission to put a computer in every home. Apple grew very large because of its iOS devices – a computer in very pocket. What’s the next shift in personal computing.

My take: 2 things: A very fashionable wearable computer-watch but Apple will not market it a watch, and an iPhone 6 that will be way way designed for enterprise/business also.

UPDATE: After the Special Event

The iPhone 6: Nah, does not look nice enough for me.
The Apple Watch : No, no, no! Don’t touch me with that with a ten foot pole. This thingie is going to bomb bad!

My next smartphone purchase will be the Version 2 of HTC One. I want iOS, I will stick to my iPad mini.

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