Apple Watch

So Apple did call it a watch. I think they missed a long-term marketing angle here when they decided to categorise/call this wearable computer as a watch.

Here’s Hodinekee take on the Appple Watch. I don’t think I want to buy one still. Here’s the reason for me, as commented by this watch guy:

f I had to criticize the actual form of the Apple Watch, it would be a complaint you’ve heard from me before … ; the Apple Watch doesn’t fit under my shirt cuff without serious effort, if at all. I believe that great design should not disrupt daily life, and a watch that doesn’t fit under a shirt sleeve is missing something. Apple is amazing and building thin, elegant machines, and I was surprised by how bulky this is, especially when the 45 minutes prior to the introduction of the Apple Watch were spent discussing how svelte the new iPhone 6 is. I understand the physical limitations and the required dock on the rear of the watch, but the Apple Watch is bulkier than I would’ve liked.


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