Book: The Infinite Sea by Ricky Yancey

It’s been a while since I wrote a review for a book.

Rick Yancey’s The Infinite Sea is the second instalment of a 3-books epic which tells the story of a group of mostly young protagonists surviving a post-apocalypse earth caused by the invasion of aliens. While the first book, The 5th Wave (It is now being made a movie slated for release in 2016.), was a fast-paced, well written story that sets up nicely the predicaments of the young heroes, this follow up was a letdown in a sense. For sure, Cassie Sullivan and her friends were involved in many tight scrapes and escapes but the villains – the Others – were surprisingly contented to chug along doing human-like things. I mean, here we are in a virus-infected, drowned earth where most (billions!) people have died, and the bad guys – the all powerful who have even conquered physical existence – were contented to do a slow tête-à-tête with the youngsters.

There is a part in the book that is reminiscent of the scene in The Matrix Reloaded where the Architect went into a long discourse and rambling exposition with Neo. Why do bad guys in a movie have the need to explain themselves?

Let’s see if Rick Yancey save his trilogy in Part 3. No The Matrix Revolutions please.


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