When you check in into a hotel

I must have crossed to W. Malaysia for more than 500 times in 35 years of traveling. And at the last count I have travelled to close to 40 countries. In that time, I have checked in into many hotels.

One thing I have learned early is: never, never be nasty and be an asshole to the counter staff when you checked in. You know why? These ladies (yeah, mostly ladies) got the power to decide which room you get. And! (I think you know what I am getting at here.) those hotels usually have a haunted room or two. Being overly publicly used through the years, there is/are room(s) where somebody died—murdered, committed suicide, died in her sleep, got sick and kicked the bucket, whatever.

If you are an asshole, congratulations! you are gonna get THE ROOM.

My younger sister related that once she escaped a room (in a Sandakan hotel; no, I am not telling which one.) in the middle of the night because, “shit! that hotel is haunted, can’t sleep!).


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